Boston, Massachusetts


ABA’s master plan for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, developed near- and long-term planning opportunities for new visitor services, exhibition, education, curatorial, staff, and storage spaces throughout its 16-acre, four-building campus. Since completion of the MFA Master Plan, ABA has completed renovations to the museum’s landmark Forsyth Building, as well as new galleries in the Behrakis Wing for the Ancient World, located in the museum’s 1909 Beaux Arts main building.

For the MFA’s Art of the Ancient World collection, ABA completed a suite of galleries presenting objects from the museum’s extensive permanent collection. The Michael C. Ruettgers Coin Gallery, showcasing 500 ancient Greek and Roman coins, is the first gallery at a leading American museum dedicated to coins. Another new gallery, subdivided into distinct exhibition areas by large floating glass cases inserted between columns, presents three themes — Homer, Theater, and Dionysus. The Art of Daily Life gallery focuses on the everyday objects found in the home life of Classical Greek communities. Also designed by ABA and currently under construction are five additional galleries which will display more of the museum’s renowned collection of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine objects, further enhancing the Behrakis Wing as an international destination for the study and enjoyment of Classical collections.

Currently in design by ABA is the new Center for Netherlandish Art. The Center will be the headquarters of the first program of its kind in the United States dedicated to sharing and appreciating Dutch and Flemish art of the early modern period. It will house 40,000 books that include the collection of the late Netherlandish scholar Egbert Havercamp-Begemann. With a reading room, scholar and staff offices, imaging studio, and range of multipurpose meeting spaces, the Center will promote individual and collaborative research and amplify the museum’s extensive collection of Netherlandish paintings and objects.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts